Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Aamir Khan: Satyamev Jayate?

Aamir's alleged love child,'Jaan'.
A popular  Indian film magazine  had come out with the details of the alleged illicit relationship between Bollywood Actor Aamir Khan and British journalist Jessica Hines a couple of years back. 

It stated that Aamir met Hines on the sets of 'Ghulam'. They eventually landed into a live in relationship. Talking about her involvement with Aamir, she says she met the actor on the sets of Ghulam, having got late for her appointment with him and with only half-an-hour left to catch an international flight. There was instant chemistry between them; the interviewer says. "Something happened which is unexplainable and if you were writing a movie script, you would call it love. They continued meeting on and off till eventually they were living together. 

Thursday, 24 May 2012

REKHA --- A Tragic And Untold Saga…………

Part-II [Failure in love life]

"I am in love with someone I haven’t met. It is a perfect image in my mind. I have had much more than love, such intense feelings overflowing and coming out of each hair and cuticle in my body. If it hasn’t happened in real, it has been so strong in my imagination."-- Rekha

Rekha and her late husband in happier times

1991:  Just a year after their marriage, Delhi-based businessman Mukesh Aggarwal  hanged himself from fan by tying a dupatta (supposedly of Rekha). He dealt in Niki Tasha kitchenette cooking ranges.

Rekha’s love life has been of national interest for three decades. Her marriages, affairs and rumours of affairs have consumed enough pages to fill a library. And Rekha has continued to stoke stories by seemingly carelessly dropped hints and dramatic looks in public places. But despite endless speculations and an unauthorised biography, the truth remains elusive. What is known is Rekha has had two failed marriages...

 In 1990, Rekha married Delhi-based industrialist Mukesh Aggarwal. A year later—while she was in the US—he committed suicide, after several previous attempts, leaving a note, "Don't blame anyone". She was pilloried by the press at that time, a period which one journalist termed as "the deepest trough in her life." She was on the verge of divorce when her second husband Mukesh Agarwal committed suicide.

The months that followed were harrowing—she was labelled a murderer and posters of her film Sheshnaag were defaced. But Rekha says she emerged stronger from the crisis: “I grew up then to become the eternal child that I am today. I have never questioned life again. I am absolutely, unconditionally open to anything.”

She was rumoured to have been married to actor Vinod Mehra in 1973, but in a 2004 television interview with Simi Garewal she denied being married to Mehra referring to him as a "well-wisher”.

Saturday, 19 May 2012

REKHA --- A Tragic And Untold Saga…………

 [Part-I  Negligence of Paternity in Rekha’s life…….]

Rekha during her oath taking ceremony in the Rajya Sabha

15th may,2012 : All eyes were on the newest entrant in the Rajya Sabha, who was to take the oath as member of parliament that day. Drapped in her trademark cream and gold kanjeevaram, scarlet lipstick on her lips, sans any heavy jewellery or makeup, was one of india’s most beloved actresses.When it was time for her to take the oath, this latest member of parliament introduced herself to the world as Rekha Ganeshan.

Yes,  it was the same Rekha who had won 2 filmfare best actress awards, a filmfare best supporting actress and a national award for her portrayal as the suave Umrao Jaan, in the Muzaffar Ali production by the same name and who to the hindi film industry is known as Rekha, just Rekha. Now wondering, what this certain Ganeshan has to do with Rekha, we need to go back half a century in her life.

Rekha in the daughter of telugu actress Pushpavalli and Gemini Ganeshan who was Ramaswamy Ganeshan by birth. This name might sound new to you but it is not to the tamil film industry...

 Ganesan’s dream was to become a doctor. In April 1940 he went to Tiruchilapalli to see T.R. Alamelu. Alamelu’s father proposed his daughter in marriage and promised him a medical seat after graduation. Ganesan immediately agreed and married Alamelu in June 1940. Alamelu lost her father and her elder sister within one month of her marriage. Ganesan's dreams of becoming a doctor shattered. There was no choice left for him but to find a job immediately as he was the only person to support his family.Much against Alamelu’s wishes Ganesan went to Delhi. In Delhi he met his uncle Narayanaswami who advised him to become a teacher. Finally, Ganesan worked as a lecturer in the Department of Chemistry, at Madras Christian College. Later on, he took up the job of a production executive in Gemini Studios in 1947, from where the title “Gemini” was added to his name. He received an entry to films from the casting department of the Studio itself. Despite being one of the most successful actors of Tamil cinema during his time, Gemini Ganesan's talents were not properly exploited and were mostly confined to "boy meets girl" romantic films.