Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Kapoor and Sons: The desperately needed room freshener

This family drama is about a middle class, dysfunctional family; it can be your family, my family, anyone’s family.

A poster of the film. Internet Courtesy: Internet

The signature Kuch Kuch Hota Hia tune that plays in the very beginning when the producer of the film is revealed would give anyone the Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham impression of the film. But thankfully no, it’s Shakun Batra’s treatment of the film that saves the day.

Director Shakun Batra needs to take a bow for successfully instilling in his actors the psyche of the respective character; this makes more than half the work done.
Though, Ratna Pathak as a jealous and tired housewife is a treat to watch with Fawad Khan who, yet again, proves he is here to stay, I fail to pick out one actor who seemed misfit for a character, and that includes Tia’s Nepali house help.  

Alia does not have much to do in this one except get into a zestful, bubbly character with a tragic past. Well that is something that all characters in this family drama have in common: they have their share of problems that each one is struggling with.  

How can I forget to specially mention about the cutest of them all? Daadu (played by Rishi Kapoor) is hilarious in his zest for life and longing to watch porn. He is easily the most entertaining character and would compel you to miss your own grandfather. Are all grandfathers this cute?

Daadu (played by Rishi Kapoor) is so cute in the film! Photo Courtesy: Internet

As for the actor, Rishi Kapoor, he has one more interesting character ticked of his bucket list. This is one aging actor, I feel, who is doing a lot more interesting and enviable work than what he has done in his youthful years.

Thanks to the writers, Shakun Batra and Ayesha Devitre Dhillon, and their meticulous writing, the film does not grow into a yet another rone dhone wala love triangle with equally good looking prospects for the only girl in there. They have done a fabulous job of providing every character with the space and freedom to flourish.

The scenes don’t give the viewer a feel that each and every movement in it is controlled. It’s more of spontaneous acting and screen presence that makes the story so relatable and well shot.

Kar Gayi Chul is the hottest party number on my mind right now and I can’t wait to break into a dance on this one. Bolna is yet another romantic and melodious song to hum in memory of that beloved one.

A still from the song 'Bolna'. Photo Courtesy: Internet

The audience is sure to roll into laughter at the absurdity of a plumber trapped in the middle of a family fight, but this is just one of the many bone-tickling sequences. Basically, the film is down-right entertaining and a huge surprise!

Kapoor and Sons is that desperately in requirement room freshener that appears out of nowhere when you most need it. The film has surely pinned my hopes high of expecting a wave of fresh, renewed and interesting line-up of films in the times to come. Hope others follow suit.